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Quality of Life Improvements

Planning for independence should include home or business design modification.  Based on the Center Control's National Statistics...out of 100 people..

  • 21 will have arthritis
  • 17 will have respiratory challenges
  • 7 will have diabetes
  • 5 will have orthopedic issues, especially of the hip and knee
  • 3 will have residual side effects from a stroke or chemical imbalance
  • 2 will have a debilitating or progressive disease, such as MS, ALS or cancer
  • 2 will have injuries requiring health aids or environmental adaptation

The road of life takes many turns; it is good to be safe in your own home and space.  Accessibility products and design modifications, such as increased lighting, specialized switches, timers and auto sensors can help challenged individuals remain comfortably independent and confident.  What changes do you need?

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National Association of Homebuilders --A Safe and Accessible Home for All Abilities and Ages
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